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David Polaroid TiltedEver since David Strauss was a baby, he has been exploring ways to improve his own life, and digging around for creative ways to help others.

David’s hiking accident in 2008, which almost cost him his life, caused him to reinvent his entire life from ground zero, and led him to become a Results Coach. David was his first own client. He became very systematic about being the producer and director of his second chance at life. Along the way, he realized that his experience was a gift, and he could use it to help others navigate through their own life. 

Coaching Services

David is very selective about the people he works with. His ideal clients are people who are:

  • at a turning point in their life and are ready, willing and able to make changes in their life, career, or relationship
  • willing to take complete responsibility for their life, their actions and their results
  • open to letting go of any sense of blame or being a victim
  • teachable and coachable, and have the courage to make changes in their life
  • willing to let go of dis-empowering beliefs, emotional entanglements and bad habits
  • emotionally flexible and ready to make lasting changes in their life and take steps toward those changes
  • willing to patiently take small steps toward a larger goal
  • clear about where they want to go, or a willingness to explore new possibilities

David’s ideal clients are people who are ready to make lasting changes in their life, and they want the mental and emotional leverage of a coach who will help them to do so. David, as your coach, will help you to gain greater clarity in your sense of purpose, and will help you to put together a strategy for taking consistent action. David’s coaching style is for people who are action oriented, teachable and coachable, and have a high willingness to learn and grow.

Through the perspective of his near-death experience, his professional training, his experiential world travel, and his deep, intuitive understanding of the six human needs and the natural laws of energy, David Strauss has an uncanny ability to intuitively connect with all types of people through heart and mind.

When people choose David Strauss as their coach, they do so because David knows how to connect people with their inner power. He empowers his clients with elements of their own personal story, and transforms their walls into bridges, and obstacles into stepping stones.

The simplicity of the Giggle Yoga Philosophy is the foundation to David’s coaching style. Giggle Yoga teaches and invites people to take a close look in the mirror and to discover how simple it is to change their lives and to be happy by living in a place of gratitude, and total self-responsibility for the conditions of their life.


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