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Video Giggle Yoga Project FounderThe Giggle Yoga Project is a human potential movement focused on empowering people to reconnect with their inner happiness. We do this through the sharing of real-life inspirational stories, live workshops, webinars, and other teaching and mentoring tools and resources which empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage.

David’s two main talking points are the driving force behind everything he shares:

Personal Responsibility: Living with a sense of total personal responsibility for you own life. No Blame. No Victim Mindset.

Mentoring: Surround yourself with people you can learn from, and who challenge you to learn, grow, and self-realize your potential.

What is Giggle Yoga?
Giggle Yoga is the practice of living each day through five core values which David first assembled after he recovered from his near death experience. Together, these values allowed David to reinvent and transform his entire life.

Own Your Life: With all your strengths and weaknesses, embrace yourself as you are, right now, set new targets for achievement, find mentors, and commit to learning, growing and self-improvement.

Accept Responsibility: We are responsible for the meaning we give to our life experiences, and for our feelings, choices and results. Own your life by eliminating negative emotional entanglements, releasing blame, and choosing empowering beliefs.Giggle Yoga Project

Empower Your Problems: Our outer world is an echo of our inner world. Pay attention to the successes and challenges that are showing up in your life. They are your guidance system telling you where you are winning, and where you are ready to learn and grow.

Feel Grateful: Gratitude is the single most powerful emotion for personal transformation. It is the potion for solving problems and the serum for success. When our life is filled with gratitude for what we have and what we aspire to achieve, we unleash powerful energetic forces that will flood our life with miracles.

Giggle Out Loud: When we own our life, accept responsibility, empower our problems and feel grateful, we unleash giggles of happiness because we know the secret to life – the reality we live in is the sum total of our thoughts, beliefs and choices. Giggle out loud, and giggle often.


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