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Health, Wellness and the vibration of your body

Our bodies are a mass of molecules in a very high speed of vibration. They are made up of the same energy and intelligence that all thoughts and things are made of. Every cell and organ of the human body is its own reservoir of energy and has its own unique frequency of vibration within which it can exist in a healthy state. This is not a new idea. The energy emanating from the human body, often referred to as an “aura,” is measurable through Kirlian photography, which was first discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian. What is new is the growing awareness that we, as vibrational beings, contribute to our health and healing through our thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle choices.
Just as each thought and emotion has its own frequency of vibration, the organs of your body also have their own frequency, and so does illness and disease. Each food type also has its own frequency of vibration.

The list below gives a birds-eye view of the frequency of vibration of our body, disease and common foods.
In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology built the first frequency monitor in the world. Through testing he made useful discoveries of the varying frequencies of the body.

  • Average Daytime Frequency Of The Human Body     62 – 68
  • A Healthy Body    62 – 72
  • Genius Brain    80 – 82
  • Brain Frequency Range    72 – 90
  • Normal Brain Frequency    72
  • Human Body    62 – 78
  • Human Body – From Neck Up    72 – 78
  • Human Body – From Neck Down    60 – 68
  • Thyroid And Parathyroid Glands    62 – 68
  • Thymus Gland    65 – 68
  • Heart    67 – 70
  • Lungs    58 – 65
  • Liver    55 – 60
  • Pancreas    60 – 80
  • Colds And Flu Start At:    57 – 60
  • Disease Starts At:     58
  • Candida Overgrowth Starts At:    55
  • Receptive To Epstein Barr At:    52
  • Receptive To Cancer At:     42
  • Death Begins At:    25

Other Research Has Measured The Frequency Of Common Food Items.

  • Food Item    Mhz
  • Canned Foods    0
  • Chocolate Cake    1 – 3
  • Kentucky Friend Chicken    3
  • A Big Mac    5
  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements    10 – 30
  • A Tumor    30
  • Raw Almonds    40-50
  • Fruits    65-75
  • Green Vegetables    70-90
  • Live, Fresh Wheat Grass    70-90
  • Your Brain    72-78
  • A Rose    320

Did you notice the frequency of a rose? It is off the charts. That’s why people love giving and receiving roses. They give off enormous amounts of energy and raise your vibration. Now you know why you should buy yourself or your lover a bouquet of roses. It is not just a happy thought. It is the gift of high frequency vibration.

Developing the awareness that the human body, disease, and foods have their own frequency of vibration is useful in understanding the extent to which the Law of Vibration relates to your body. Your ability to think clearly and to listen to your intuition is directly linked to your overall health and wellness. Low quality, low vibration foods combined with low vibration negative thoughts are what feed your Inner Vampire. They are like tar to the flow of energy in your body and speed bumps to physical and emotional wellness.

In the same way that emotions are a feedback mechanism to show you what you are thinking, your body also gives feedback, but on a deeper level. If you have a chronic, negative or self-destructive way of thinking, if you have unhealthy eating habits, if you smoke or lack physical exercise, in many cases each of these low vibration behaviors can show up as injury or disease in the moment when your body can no longer handle the abuse. While the mind and body do have some ability to heal themselves, they too have limits. Injury and disease are a symptom of when you have reached or exceeded those limits. They are an effect rather than a cause. If you don’t change your thoughts, habits, and lifestyle, the mind and body will continue to give you feedback through new or recurring injuries, or chronic pain, disease, or even anxiety or depression.

Consider this analogy. If you drove on a road covered with nails every day, would you complain about flat tires? Of course not. Flat tires are feedback that you are on a bad road. Likewise, illness, injury, and chronic negative thoughts and emotions are feedback that the focus of your thoughts is out of alignment. You change roads by changing what you are giving your energy and attention to, by improving your self-image and raising the vibration of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Doing so allows you to attract a higher quality and less destructive life. When you improve your lifestyle to be more health conscious and self-aware and raise your standards of the people you spend time with you will see your overall life improve.

When it comes to sickness, injury or disease, many people limit their approach to healing through the exclusive use of medications to deal with symptom relief yet they do not adjust their lifestyle. Medications offer many benefits and they do have their place when used appropriately. When your body is displaying symptoms of sickness or disease, it means your body is working properly. They are feedback from your body that something is out of alignment. If you only address the symptom it does not eliminate the cause. If you continuously medicate or ignore symptoms, the dis-ease becomes chronic. Doctors can provide the wonderful service of diagnosis and offer a lot of options to guide the healing of your body. But they cannot fix your thoughts and beliefs. They cannot change your food choices or lifestyle, all of which, ultimately, have the largest impact on your overall health and wellness. Only you can do that.

You are entirely responsible for the quality of your health. Outside of any genetic predisposition for disease, if your thoughts, feelings, food choices and lifestyle habits violate the harmonic vibration of your body, sickness, injury and disease are very likely to manifest in your body. Whatever you allow into your body, heart, and mind has a direct, energetic impact on the overall health of your body, and directly affects your body’s ability to heal itself. The food you eat and the water you drink either gives you energy or takes it away, depending on the quality and energetic vibration of the food and water.

You are what you consume. Your body instantly responds to everything that it is allowed to ingest. For many people, the emotional battle of their Inner Vampire—their constant mood swings and their battle with depression or anxiety can be linked to what they eat. Refined sugar and simple carbohydrates are just two examples of foods that can affect mmod and energy levels in your body.

There are also thousands of chemicals being added to or sprayed on fruits, vegetables and grains. Food sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, and processed foods filled with artificial chemicals, preservatives and sweeteners, obviously have a different impact on the body than food that is truly natural and organic. When you eat food, the closer it is to its original vibration and nutritional state in nature, the more beneficial it is to your body.

On the level of thoughts and beliefs, it is now widely accepted in western medicine that the vibration of your thoughts and beliefs has a dramatic, if not a direct impact on your physical well being. In an otherwise healthy person, a chronic fear of injury or disease can actually manifest the symptom of the disease, or bring about experiences that will cause the injury. If a person is prone to injuries, it has more to do with where their minds are, what they are habitually thinking and feeling, rather than what they are doing. This is so because based on the laws of Vibration and Attraction you attract experience that match your strongest habitual thoughts.

A person’s overall health is a direct match to the patterns of beliefs in their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can only create and manifest what it believes to be true. As an extreme example, some people with multiple personality disorders will have a physical ailment or disease with one personality but not with their other personalities. Whatever manifests in the physical body has to be congruent with the reality of the subconscious mind. Based on those beliefs the subconscious mind will create health, illness, injury or disease. The subconscious mind can cause cells to become diseased, to repair damaged cells, or to “miraculously” heal instantly.

Genetic defects are outside the limits to the subconscious mind. Such defects are programmed into the genes and cannot be altered. Beyond genetic defects, the environment of a human cell affects the health and healing capacity of a cell. Environment is determined by the overall vibration of your life—the quality of the air you breathe, the water you drink and bathe in, the quality of the food you eat, external social and cultural influences, and influences of the mind.

When it comes to physical healing, if you are under medical care and you want to explore or integrate the vibration-mind-body connection to healing, follow your doctor’s guidance. At the same time, listen to your intuition and explore the many possibilities that a change in lifestyle can bring. There are times when the tools of western medicine are highly appropriate. There are also plenty of stories of people who have integrated western medicine with self-healing, or healed their bodies entirely through understanding the impact of thoughts, beliefs, proper nutrition and exercise. This is entirely a personal choice. Embrace whatever medical, mental, emotional and nutritional tools are available.

Our beliefs are what set the vibrational tone of our mind. Our mind is what determines what is going on in both our outside world and the inner world of the condition of our body. The healing of our Inner Vampire and of any of our ailments starts with a thought, an image in our conscious mind that then flows into our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will accept anything that the conscious mind accepts. The images we accept control the vibration of our body, which directly affects our healing. We are totally responsible for the healing of our mind and body. It comes down to understanding the impact of our thoughts, feelings, actions and lifestyle, and to being consciously aware of what we think and feel.

Looking through the lens of my dance with the rock, when I became aware of the relationship between the Law of Vibration and physical wellbeing, I immediately became teachable and opened my heart and mind to the likelihood that I was the cause and the solution to all of my challenges.