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Professional Wordsmith. Editor. Ghost Writer.
Executive Coach

David Lloyd Strauss 

Having written over 24 manuscripts, David’s journey into the world of literature is a story of resilience, rebirth, and the power of storytelling.

After a life-threatening rock fall to his head and nearly five years of recovery, David penned his first book, “Footsteps After the Fall,” transforming his second chance at life into a profound purpose: giving a voice to transformational stories and messages destined for the world stage.

His early works, characterized by their depth and authenticity, established David as a true wordsmith and catapulted him into professional writing. The impactful narratives of David’s first two books resonated widely, earning features on “Success Today” and across major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, bringing his compelling storytelling to an expansive audience.

Complimenting his TV appearances, David has also presented at a private event at the United Nations HQ in New York City, as a delegate for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative.

David embodies the philosophy that one’s personal journey can evolve into a powerful tool for connection and growth. He encourages harnessing life’s experiences as lessons, urging individuals to reflect on their past, celebrate their successes, and find insight in their setbacks. With an innate talent for distilling complex concepts into relatable insights, David’s writing and editorial skills ensure that profound ideas are both accessible and engaging.

In his roles as an editor, author coach, and ghostwriter, David is committed to guiding aspiring authors. His expertise in crafting narratives is matched only by his dedication to the authors’ personal and professional development. By meticulously refining manuscripts, providing tailored coaching, and ghostwriting stories with care, David Strauss shines as a beacon for those desiring to leave a lasting mark through the written word.

David’s unwavering mission is clear: to bring to light stories that have the power to touch hearts, shift perspectives, and spark meaningful change across the globe.

Find a Mentor. BE YOUR OWN HERO.

Learn from Successful People

Success leaves clues. Why not follow them? By learning from people who have achieved what you want to achieve, you’re tapping into a reservoir of wisdom. Find a mentor who inspires you, someone who’s been down the road you want to travel, and let their experience guide you.

Elevate Your Associations

They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Want to level up? Surround yourself with folks who challenge you, who elevate you, who push you to be better. It’s not about ditching old friends; it’s about expanding your circle to include people who can help you grow.

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