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David Strauss has a unifying belief that the most important decision we will ever make is the people we choose to associate with.

Understanding the importance of associating with high value relationships, David has earned a remarkable reputation as the world’s leading authority on overcoming energy vampires—negative people and toxic relationships. His unparalleled understanding of how these metaphorical “vampires” sap people’s mental, emotional, and spiritual energy has transformed lives, leading many to a more empowered and balanced existence.

Strauss’s methods, techniques, and wisdom have not only been sought by individuals struggling with energy drainage but have become essential reading in psychological circles worldwide.

Those who have attended his seminars, workshops, read his books, or even watched his enlightening online videos can attest to the life-changing impact of Strauss’s teachings. David’s profound insights and innovative approaches have transcended conventional thinking, establishing him as a beacon of hope for those plagued by energy vampires. The global community respects and follows his guidance, placing him at the forefront of this critical aspect of human well being.

Find a Mentor. BE YOUR OWN HERO.

Learn from Successful People

Success leaves clues. Why not follow them? By learning from people who have achieved what you want to achieve, you’re tapping into a reservoir of wisdom. Find a mentor who inspires you, someone who’s been down the road you want to travel, and let their experience guide you.

Elevate Your Associations

They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Want to level up? Surround yourself with folks who challenge you, who elevate you, who push you to be better. It’s not about ditching old friends; it’s about expanding your circle to include people who can help you grow.

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