About David

When a falling rock landed on David Strauss’ head while visiting ancient ruins—giving him a near-death experience—not only did his life change, but the world around him began to change too. One rock, and a solo walk through the desert with an open head injury and concussion, re-directed the entire trajectory of David’s life.

Through his journey of healing from his fateful collision with a rock, David discovered his true sense of purpose. He has developed a singular vision of wanting to have a lasting and meaningful impact on people’s lives. His brush with death has become the platform from which he speaks, coaches, and shares transformational messages about the importance of self-responsibility and personal growth.

Recognizing the value of accepting complete responsibility for your entire life, David’s vision of wanting to capture the deep hidden meaning of his experience first started becoming a reality through the release of his first book, Footsteps After The Fall, and through the development of the Giggle Yoga Philosophy. In his second book, Dancing With Vampires, David introduces the idea of energy vampires, and teaches people how to overcome the challenges and setbacks that arise from negative thoughts and beliefs, and unhealthy relationships. In his third book, Second Mouse Gets the Cheese, David leverages his story to emphasize the importance of having coaches and mentors. David’s fourth book, and first pocket book, What if Today Were the Day, is a simple, yet impactful book which inspires the reader to recognize that today could the day that your entire life makes a turn for the best, if you allow it to be so.

With over 20 years of experience inspiring people to improve their lives and to live with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, David’s contagious smile and energy is a testament to his deep love for people and life,

David has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Success Today, where he was interviewed by Bob Guiney, Oprah’s man on the street and a star in the TV show, The Bachelor. He was a featured speaker at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations HQ in New York City.

David is continually looking for ways to create strategic relationships with other people, businesses, and thought leaders who are dedicated to improving the overall direction and welfare of humanity.

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