Footsteps After The Fall Based on a real life experience, Footsteps After The Fall is the story of young adventurer David Strauss’ extraordinary near-death experience and daring self-rescue.

While exploring the ancient Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, David is unexpectedly hit on the head by a falling rock and faces the possibility of his own death. He enters into a bone chilling self-rescue in the desert with an open head injury and concussion.

Footsteps After The Fall takes the reader on a remarkable journey through David’s experience. From his injury and self-rescue to the profound life-altering lessons he has learned as a result of this experience.

Both poignant and vivid, David’s account is lively and energetic, inviting the reader on an adventure into realms of the emotional and spiritual. This is a rare opportunity to experience the etheral moments of near death, as one who has been there can only tell, and to learn of his defining moment and the inspiring life that followed. Join David as you take a walk in his Footsteps After The Fall. ORDER NOW!

Dancing with vampiresDo you have Vampires in your life? Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone, and when you were done you felt like the energy was sucked out of you? Or, have you ever felt like you were that person to yourself―that your own frustrations or negativity has worn you out and cast a shadow over your life? I am talking about feeling completely drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, irritated or anxious, or even stressed or depressed. If so, then you have been in the company of a Vampire.

Throughout the world, the word “Vampire” is often used as a metaphor to describe the negative people in our lives that suck the energy out of us and rob us of our happiness. It has also been used to describe our own negativity towards ourselves—our self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that drain us of our enthusiasm for life.

Using this metaphor, “Dancing With Vampires” is about helping you to become consciously aware of the Vampires in your life and how to remove their influence over you so that you can own your life, take responsibility for your own happiness, and begin to function at your highest potential—allowing you to live an emotionally rich and fulfilling life. ORDER NOW!

Scramble Your EggsIn keeping with David’s belief that Life Coaching is a powerful tool to help people transform their lives, David is bringing together 25 people who have transformed their life through tragedy. In this book, each of the authors has their own chapter within which they share their life lessons in a way that will have lasting impact on people’s lives. This book is scheduled to be release in November-2016

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