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Based on a real life experience, Footsteps after the Fall is the story of young adventurer David Strauss’ near-death experience and daring self-rescue. While exploring the  ancient Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, David is unexpectedly hit on the head by a falling rock and faces the possibility of his own death. He enters into a bone-chilling self-rescue in the desert with an open head injury and concussion. Footsteps after the Fall takes the reader on a remarkable journey through David’s experience. From his inury and self-rescue, to the profound life-altering lessons he has learned as a result of this experience. ORDER NOW


Do you have Energy Vampires in your life? Have you ever felt as though the energy has been sucked out of you after talking with someone? Or, have your own frustrations or negativity worn you out and cast a shadow over your life? Do you ever feel  overwhelmed by negative people or toxic situations? Do you have friendships or relationships that are holding you back or dragging your down? Are you planning your escape from an unpleasant situation? If you said yes to any of these, you are Dancing with Vampires. Throughout the world, Vampires are known for sucking the blood and life force out of their victims. They seduce their victims because they are cunning and masters of disguise.

Using Vampires as a metaphor, Dancing with Vampires is about helping you recognize and overcome the Vampires in your life that suck the energy out of you and rob you of your happiness. These Energy Vampires include negative people, toxic relationships, disruptive situations, and your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Through this book you will become consciously aware of your Inner Vampire and the five Energy Vampires, and how to remove their influence over you so that you can regain ownership of your life and reclaim your happiness. ORDER NOW


Have you ever felt like a mouse staring at the cheese on a trap? For many people, life feels like a mousetrap. They see the cheese—the opportunity for a better life—but they are afraid to make a move because they also see the trap—the fear of loss or the possibility of failure, so they hesitate to the point of becoming frozen with inaction. In this book you will discover:

  • The not-so-wise rule.
  • The energy vampires in your life.
  • Benefits of working with a coach and mentor.
  • The most important decision you will ever make.
  • How to be your own hero.

  • The  transformational power of questions.
  • A real recipe for measurable results.
  • The secret to discovering your life purpose.
  • How to turn courage into action.
  • The muscle of forgiveness and gratitude.

Using the playful spin of a mousetrap I share valuable, actionable insights to getting your cheese—accomplishing your goals—without the risks of getting captured by the mousetrap.ORDER NOW


(David’s first pocket-sized book for daily inspiration)

What if today were your lucky day? What if today were the day you realized you have all the love, strength, courage, and power you need to overcome any obstacle, pursue any dream, and be the person you are fully capable of being? Today is the day! ORDER NOW

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