Pay Attention!

The window of life is small. There is only one direction in life: forward. There is only one time in life: now. Regardless of how things appear in the moment, there is always a road ahead. There is always a new set of possibilities for the direction of our life. As long as we are

Vibration and your Brain

Vibration and the brain: On the level of thought, we are connected to this matrix of energy and vibration through our brain and our heart. Our brain is a highly sophisticated and extraordinarily powerful instrument that transforms electrical energy from one frequency of vibration to another. The information that we receive into our brain through

Vibration and your Heart

Vibration and the Heart: Up until recently it was commonly believed that our emotions are entirely a product of the thoughts in our brain. But now there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the heart is an intelligent organ, which has its own consciousness and “brain” and plays a much more significant

The Seeds of Your Thoughts

The seeds of your thoughts are nourished with your feelings and actions. The more consistent you are with the images and feelings you hold in your mind, the quicker these thoughts will show up in your reality. Whatever you nourish, grows. People who consistently think about, talk about, and focus on their problems, on what

Vibration and your Body

Our bodies are a mass of molecules in a very high speed of vibration. They are made up of the same energy and intelligence that all thoughts and things are made of. Every cell and organ of the human body is its own reservoir of energy and has its own unique frequency of vibration within


Learn to listen to your own thoughts. Learn how to think, to actually give thought to the potential outcomes of different choices. Learn how to make a decision, a true decision, where you take consistent action and don’t judge circumstances by their appearances. Learn how to listen to other people. Learn how to listen to

Learn #2

Learn how to respect and take care of your own body, your mind, your temple. Learn how to eat properly, how to give your body the exercise it is hungry for. Learn how to be self-reliant. Learn how to be a team player. Learn how to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who will encourage

Value of life

Through my own brush with death, I have learned the value of life. I live and love with deep, untethered playfulness, passion and gratitude. My passion extends into everything I do. From my writing, to my career, hobbies, friendships, and relationships. Life has taught me that when we go out of our way to express

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