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A falling rock collided with David's head while exploring ancient ruins, giving him a close call with death...

A Few Words about David

When a falling rock collided with David’s head while exploring ancient ruins, his 5-year recovery became his life's purpose.

David: A Life Coach with a Story of Thrills, Resilience, and Transformation

David’s life reads like an adventurous novel, filled with twists and turns that shaped him into the inspirational Life Coach, Mentor, and Life Strategist he is today.

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Making of a Life Coach

At just 15, David’s world crumbled with the death of his mother. Facing life alone, he summoned a relentless spirit that propelled him through high school, college at CU Boulder, and into a world of boundless exploration.

The Rockfall: A Brush with Death, A Gift of Destiny

While exploring ancient ruins, a falling rock struck David’s head. The rockfall was a defining moment that took him nearly 5 years to recover from and rebuild his life. This incredible journey from ground zero made David his first coaching client, forging his philosophy as a Life Coach.

Scaling Heights, Diving Depths: An Adventurous Life Coach

David’s zeal for life extends to scaling the 23,000-foot summit of Aconcagua, Argentina, plunging into the depths with SCUBA, and taking leaps from planes and bridges through skydiving and bungee jumping. His adventurous pursuits are metaphors for his Life Coaching philosophy: Embrace life fearlessly.

The Philanthropist & Community Volunteer: A Life Strategist with a Heart

David’s world travel and philanthropic endeavors reveal a Life Strategist who seeks to elevate humanity. His community service and world outreach resonate with his commitment to personal growth and social impact.

David’s Books:

  1. “Footsteps After The Fall”: A candid look at recovery and transformation.
  2. “Dancing With Vampires”: Overcoming negative influences and finding inner strength.
  3. “Second Mouse Gets the Cheese”: Emphasizing the importance of coaches and mentors.
  4. “What if Today Were the Day”: An inspiring call to action, recognizing that today could be the turning point for the best in life.

Begin Your Journey with David’s Life Coaching, Mentoring, and Life Strategizing

  • Life Coaching with David: Find strength and purpose.
  • Life Strategist Workshops & Adventurous Retreats: Embark on a thrilling self-discovery.
  • Life Coaching & Mentoring Events: Connect, learn, and grow.

Are You Ready to Live Fully?

David’s unique approach to Life Coaching, Mentoring, and Life Strategizing is grounded in his own transformative experiences. He doesn’t just talk about change; he embodies it.

From the rocky terrains to the soaring skies, from the personal hardships to global outreach, David’s life is a testament to resilience, adventure, and love for people. His smile and energy invite you to join him on this remarkable journey.

Connect with David now for Life Coaching that promises a life as thrilling and meaningful as the story itself.

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