Learn #2


Learn how to respect and take care of your own body, your mind, your temple. Learn how to eat properly, how to give your body the exercise it is hungry for.

Learn how to be self-reliant. Learn how to be a team player.

Learn how to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who will encourage you and aid you in the pursuit of your dreams.

Learn how to understand and utilize the seven laws and the faculties of the mind. They are here to serve us, to help us move forward. The first step is always the most difficult. But once you open your mind to new possibilities and gain footing, once you create momentum, miracles will become the new status quo for your life.

Learn to understand the simple truth that all of our self-perceived limits are learned from an outer influence. Our true potential is limitless.

Learn to be authentic, to be your true-self, from the inside-out.

Learn to be at peace with life, with the moment, and with the endless changes that come forth each day.

Learn how to dance and celebrate life, and to appreciate and celebrate the many small gifts that come with each moment in time.

Learn how to pay attention to the thoughts you are broadcasting. They are the reality that you are creating and attracting.

Learn to see the inter-connectedness of life, that there is no separation. We are many and we are one. There is only one self, one heart, one mind, individualized as every expression of life.

Learn how to giggle at the simplicity and silliness of life!

Learn how to love yourself unconditionally. When you do, you will impact all of humanity, and will have a love affair that will last for eternity.

The time to learn and take action is now. Take total responsibility for your life. Look back on your life experiences as lessons in a classroom. But this time, let it be up to you to decide which grade you receive, because you will decide the meaning you give to your experiences.

Do not relive your past, but learn from it. Gain a new perspective and make new, healthier choices for future actions.

Live with courage. Be honest and truthful, with yourself and others. Contribute to our world in a positive, meaningful way. Live from the heart. Live with passion. Live with purpose. Live Happily.
Honor those you love. Give your energy to that which creates beauty and gives light to life.

Above all, live in a place of Giggles, Love and Gratitude.

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