Learn to listen to your own thoughts. Learn how to think, to actually give thought to the potential outcomes of different choices.

Learn how to make a decision, a true decision, where you take consistent action and don’t judge circumstances by their appearances.

Learn how to listen to other people. Learn how to listen to their words and feelings. Learn how to be present when in the company of others.

Learn compassion—for yourself, for others, for nature and humanity.

Learn how to feel, to truly feel. Learn how to tap into the energy of emotions. There is true power in our emotions when they are self-guided, rather than when they are reactions to circumstances and appearances. How we feel right now, in this very moment, gives energy, shape and form to the thoughts we are thinking. This is our reality.

Learn how to contribute. Learn how to love, to give without expectations or conditions. Contribute to the well-being of your friends, your family, your community and humanity. Give for the sake of giving. Not because you want something in exchange.

Learn how to find beauty and laughter in the moment. Learn how to move quickly from pain and sorrow to happiness and gratitude.

Learn to trust that everything is happening by law. Therefore, learn how to live with lightness of heart, to not take people and life personally.

Learn how to communicate clearly and speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Replace negative self-talk about yourself and others with words that will grow goodness, prosperity and community.

Learn how to say “no” to that which will weaken you, including your own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Learn to say “yes” to that which will give you inner-strength and self-respect.

Learn to think things through. Learn and understand that every choice, every action has a result, a consequence.

Learn to be flexible—physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Learn how to look at yourself and see your own beauty and your own potential. Learn how to harness that potential and turn it into your reality.

Learn how to be happy regardless of the ebb and flow of life. Happiness is a powerful vibration, and the ultimate goal of life. When we are happy, all things become possible.

Learn how to love yourself and to love others as a genuine expression of that self-love.

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