David has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Success Today.

He has also presented at the United Nations Global Entrepreneurship Initiative in New York City.

David Strauss, a renowned TV Personality and world authority on overcoming “Energy Vampires,” has been featured on the popular television show, “Success Today.” Airing nationwide across ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates, the show hosts some of the leading entrepreneurial and intellectual minds.

With its dynamic interview format, hosted by Bob Guiney from the TV Show, The Bachelor, “Success Today” delves into the innovative minds shaping the world. The appearance of David Strauss on the show added an exceptional dimension.

“I was truly privileged to be part of such an engaging platform,” David exclaimed. “My new book, ‘Dancing With Vampires,’ delves into a critical issue that resonates with so many — overcoming negative people and toxic relationships. This phenomenon, what I term ‘Energy Vampires,’ can drain life’s vitality. My book is not merely a guide but a lifeline, offering strategies to fend off these harmful influences. I’m thrilled to share this with a broader audience.”

David’s articulate and charismatic presence on the show only reaffirmed his position as a trusted authority on the subject. His insights into human interaction and the tactics to reclaim one’s life from these ‘vampires’ were both enlightening and empowering for viewers across the country. His words, coupled with his well-known television persona, cemented the episode as a must-watch, resonating with anyone seeking guidance in navigating complex emotional landscapes.

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