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After Recovering From a Rock-Fall To His Head, David Has Developed a Unique Method For Overcoming Negative People and Toxic Relationships That Drain Your Energy and Crush Your Productivity.

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When a falling rock landed on David Strauss’ head—giving him a near-death experience—not only did his life change, but the world around him began to change too. One rock, and a solo walk through the desert with an open head injury and concussion, re-directed the entire trajectory of David’s life.

Through his journey of healing from his fateful collision with a rock, David discovered his true sense of purpose. He has developed a singular vision of wanting to have a lasting and meaningful impact on people’s lives. His brush with death has become the platform from which he speaks, coaches, and shares transformational messages about the importance of self-responsibility and personal growth.

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Learn #2

Learn #2

Learn how to respect and take care of your own body, your mind, your temple. Learn how to eat properly, how to give your body the exercise it is hungry for. Learn how to be self-reliant. Learn how to be a team player....

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Value of life

Value of life

Our Blog Through my own brush with death, I have learned the value of life. I live and love with deep, untethered playfulness, passion and gratitude. My passion extends into everything I do....

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“Through the many life lessons he learned from his near-death experience, David masterfully empowers and inspires others to gain a fresh perspective of their life so that they can connect with their untapped personal power, enthusiasm, and sense of purpose. When David works with individuals, groups, or at live speaking engagements, his personal message brings a sense of certainty and confidence that changes lives.” (Barb Wade)

“We are not born with courage, but we are born with the potential to be courageous. Courage is not an everyday emotion. It is a reservoir of emotional strength to be drawn upon when we are ready to make a major change in our life. The change can be in any area of our life and will usually move us away from what we do not want and toward what we do want.”  (Excerpt from Dancing with Vampires.)


David’s interview with Bob Guiney on the Success Today! TV show. In the interview, David shares with Bob about his close call with death, how it has changed his life and led to the writing of his first two books, and positioned him as a Thought Leader and Life Strategist.

Bob Guiney is known for being on the TV show, The Bachelor, and for being Oprah’s man on the street.

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