Pay Attention!


The window of life is small. There is only one direction in life: forward. There is only one time in life: now. Regardless of how things appear in the moment, there is always a road ahead. There is always a new set of possibilities for the direction of our life. As long as we are moving forward, there will always be opened doors ahead. There are no closed doors, only closed hearts and minds. When one door begins to close, it is only because that experience no longer serves our higher good and it has given us a sign that we are ready to move in a different direction in life. If we are not living our life’s purpose, doors will begin to close simply because they are guiding us to change direction. If we don’t pay attention to the signs, those signs will become louder and louder, until we are “painfully ejected” and forced into a new direction… until rocks start to fall on our heads.

Let the experience of my rock be your guide. Pay attention to the signs that show up in your life. Pay attention to the pains, failures and setbacks. They are not there to harm you, but to guide you. If your approach to life is not working, if it does not feel right, or if your life seems to be falling apart, reach deep into the reservoir of your soul, grab onto the roots of your heart and mind and let go of the mental and emotional charade that is causing tidal waves in your journey.

Life is fragile, but it should not be feared. The only things we ever have to hold onto are the things we are afraid to let go of. Do not take this moment or this life, or anyone you love, for granted. Do not cling to the past. The past is nothing but an anchor that prevents you from sailing forward toward your dreams.
Allow your heart and mind to be free. Set your vision forward. With all your strengths and weaknesses, be excited about who you are and about the infinite possibilities life has to offer.

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