A Boy’s Lost Mom

The emotional wheel of time’s hidden pain releases tears of an age-old child, humbled by the passage of time’s hurtful gain.
Tears in belly, tears in heart, tears in eyes. Tears of yesteryear’s pain finds release in the song of a boy’s lost mom.
From days of youth to days of today, the tear-filled child finds lament over the pains of yester-years emotion.
Strong has he been in his quest to be free, but in hiding his pain he has lost that magical flame which keeps a growing child happy and free.
Yet through this song, a song about mom, a reservoir of hidden tears cascades from his heart creating a wonderful story of surrender and psalm.
As tears fall to the ground, pillow and cloth in arm, the energies of love find expression through the freedom release of emotion unharmed.
Indeed, the child’s lost mom was a source of great pain. But more pain has there been in trying to be strong, for in the strength of hidden emotion, the pain of an eternity congests the child’s heart eclipsing his love as a moon to the sun.
No more he cries, No more. No more shall he eclipse his heart and hide the humanity that makes him real.
Whether it be tears of joy, or dew-drops of sorrow, I am the age-old child.
I am free to love, free to live, and free to shed and share the feelings that make the man in me eternally happy and graciously free.
In full surrender, I remain calmly yours,

David Lloyd Strauss
December 16th, 1994
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