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Do You Have a Story of Survival or Transformation?

"You should write a book about your story..."

If you've ever heard these words, or if your journey feels like a page-turner just waiting to be penned, then you're in the right place.

#DavidLloydStrauss is here to make that happen – with flair, fun, and maybe even a dance move or two!

Write that book already with #DavidLloydStrauss

David Top HatEver caught yourself daydreaming about your personal transformation story while stuck in traffic? Or maybe while waiting for your coffee to brew? Well, enough with the brewing and stewing – let’s get that book cooking! David, your soon-to-be favorite ghost writer, professional writer, and publisher, is here to whisk you off on a writing adventure. Get ready to dance through two exciting paths:
Option 1: Done for You | Complete Ghost Writing (Even Easier Than Microwave Cooking!)
Tired of staring at a blank page? Let David do the heavy lifting! With the “Done for You” package, David becomes the ghost writer of your dreams (minus the haunting part). Just sit back, enjoy a latte, and watch your story turn into a page-turner faster than you can say, “Publish me already!”
Option 2: Done with You | David Works With You (Like PB&J, But Way More Literary)
Fancy yourself a writing partner-in-crime? With the “Done with You” collaboration, writing becomes a fun-filled road trip, with David in the passenger seat offering snacks – I mean, guidance! Together, you’ll transform your personal transformation story into a literary delight. Seat belts optional!

Why Choose David? (Other Than His Stellar Dance Moves and Handsome Bald Head)

David isn’t just a ghost writer, professional writer, and publisher; he’s the literary buddy you never knew you needed! Here’s why:
  • Ghost Writer Extraordinaire: He’ll make your voice shine, without any paranormal activity.
  • Collaboration Guru: Personalized, hands-on, and more exciting than a Saturday morning cartoon marathon!
  • Publisher with Pizzazz: Because every book deserves a little sparkle.
  • #DavidLloydStrauss Success: Join the club! It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys (and more rewarding).

What Are You Waiting For? (Besides the Next Great Comedy Special)

Your story’s ready. David’s ready. Even your coffee’s ready (finally). So grab your favorite snack, pull up a chair, and get in touch with David. Whether you want a full-service ghost writer or a laugh-filled collaboration, there’s a world of readers waiting for your wisdom. They’ve got their reading glasses on, so let’s not keep them waiting! Call to Action: Click here, send a carrier pigeon, or simply shout really loud – just get in touch with David and start your publishing journey today. And remember, with #DavidLloydStrauss, writing’s not just a task; it’s a party!
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