Self-Responsibility is David’s Core Message.

Leveraging the insights from his second chance at life after a rockfall to his head, David is a captivating storyteller and high impact speaker who delivers life-enhancing content in fun, bite sized morsels.

David presenting at the United Nations in New York City during the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Self-Responsibility is David’s Key Message


Get ready to be enthralled! David doesn’t just speak; he enchants his audience with a creative mind, an infectious smile, and a charisma that fills the room. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and ignited into taking action. David’s talks aren’t just words; they’re a transformational journey to accountability and profound change.


David’s not just another speaker; he’s a friend sharing heartfelt stories that make you feel like you’re the only one in the room. Hang on to his every word as he masterfully weaves storytelling that engages, connects, and leaves you eager for more. With David, you’re not just an audience member; you’re a part of the story.


Speaking directly from his heart, David makes his audience feel as though he is speaking with each of them personally – leaving his audiences fully engaged in his storytelling, and hanging on to his every word.

Four Keynotes to Choose From

  • What Is Your Rock?
  • Dancing With Vampires
  • ZERO Point Mindset
  • Aconcagua


The sudden impact of a falling rock whacking David on the head shifted the direction of his entire life, but what about your metaphorical rock? In this enlightening keynote, David draws parallels between his own experiences and the personal “rocks” we all encounter. You’ll learn how to recognize your own “rock experiences” and harness them for growth, guided by David’s key lessons:

  • The Lesson of Total Self-Responsibility: Embrace your choices and their consequences.
  • Focus Equals Reality: Understand how your attention shapes your world.
  • The Power of Questions: Learn to ask the right questions that lead to growth.
  • The Impact of Gratitude: Discover how gratitude can change your life’s trajectory.

Your rock is not a barrier; it’s a catalyst. Let David help you find it.


Prepare for a thrilling dance with the metaphorical vampires that lurk in our lives. Drawing inspiration from his book, David’s keynote takes you on an exploration of how to identify and eliminate the energy-draining influences that rob you of happiness. Dive into seven transformative lessons:

  • Learn from the Right People: Surround yourself with people you can learn from.
  • Build a Powerful Self-Image: Shape your reality with self-belief.
  • Own Your Life: Take control and responsibility for your happiness.
  • Mind the Energy and Vibes: Tune into the energy around you for a fulfilling life.
  • Gratitude as a Remedy: Heal your mind with the power of thankfulness.
  • Self-Love Is the Prize: Embrace yourself, flaws and all.

Join David for a dance that will leave you energized, empowered, and vampire-free!

ZERO Point Mindset – The Impact Point of Decisions

From a falling rock to his head and surrealistic walk through the desert, David’s inspiring journey of recovery and his life-affirming experience has morphed into seven stages of transformation that actionable and transformative.

Know yourself and where you’re headed.

  • Identify Your Resources: Recognize your tools for success.
  • Take Courageous Steps: Decide and move forward without hesitation.
  • Break Mental Barriers: Conquer your inner fears and doubts.
  • Stay Focused, No Matter What: Keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Celebrate Success In Advance: Enjoy the journey, knowing triumph awaits.

David’s ground zero wasn’t an end; it was a beginning. Let him guide you through your own transformation.

ACONCAGUA | Small Steps = Big Victories

A keynote which addresses Accountability and Transformation.
As a benefit for cancer research, David and his climbing team reached the 23,000 foot summit of Aconcagua, Argentina – the tallest peak in the western and southern hemispheres.

Reaching the summit of Aconcagua presented powerful parallels between mountaineering and how to work as a team and accomplish a goal.

  • The importance of planning: Hiking 26 miles to prepare for a 9,000 ascent to the 23,000 foot summit
  • The power of teamwork: How a mountain expedition demonstrates the effectiveness of working as a team.
  • Building upon small successes: Each step a victory – celebrate each step.
  • Strong teamwork overcomes limitations: Working through the obstacles of limiting thoughts, fears and beliefs.
  • What keeps the team together? Lessons from base camp and the traverse to the summit.
  • Summit – Reflections of a triumph 
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