Self-Responsibility is David’s Key Message

Captivating Speaker

From his creative mind and contagious smile, to his charismatic energy, David captivates his audience and inspires them to be accountable, take responsibility, and make transformational change.

Highly Interactive

David’s keynotes are highly interactive with the audience. They are developed from two significant transformational experiences: being hit on the head by a falling rock, or his hike to the 23,000 foot summit of Aconcagua, Argentina. David leverages the lessons he learned from these experiences to give people interactive tools and a fresh perspective on how to make lasting changes.

Personable and Engaging

Speaking directly from his heart, David makes his audience feel as though he is speaking with each of them personally – leaving his audiences fully engaged in his storytelling, and hanging on to his every word.


Four KEYNOTES To Choose From

  • What Is Your Rock?
  • Dancing With Vampires
  • Ground Zero
  • Aconcagua

What Is Your Rock?

A keynote that addresses personal transformation through David’s experience of having been hit on the head by a falling rock, and how that experience changed the entire trajectory of his life.

Everyone has their own “rock experience” in life. David draws simple and powerful analogies between his “rock” experience and how everyone has their own “rock” experience to learn and grow from. And, he teaches his audience how to empower their “rock”.

Life presents lessons each and every day. If we don’t pay attention and learn the lessons, they will continue to show up with different people or different circumstances. They start out small, and if we don’t learn them, they can become a catastrophic life event which forces us to learn and grow.

David shares key lessons which any person or business can use to implement change and accountability.

  • The lesson of Total Self-Responsibility
  • Focus equals reality
  • The power of questions
  • The impact of Gratitude

Dancing With Vampires

Based on David’s book, Dancing with Vampires, this keynote brings to light the importance of the quality of the people we allow into our life.

Throughout the world, the word “Vampire” is often used as a metaphor to describe the negative people in our lives that suck the energy out of us and rob us of our happiness. It has also been used to describe our own negativity towards ourselves—our self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that drain us of our enthusiasm for life.

Using this metaphor, this keynote addresses how to become consciously aware of the Vampires in your life and how to remove their influence over you so that you can own your life, take responsibility for your own happiness, and begin to function at your highest potential.


Seven Lessons:

  1. Surround yourself with people you can learn from
  2. Self image is everything
  3. Own your life
  4. Your questions shape your reality
  5. Life is about energy and vibes
  6. Gratitude is the remedy
  7. Self-love is the prize

Ground Zero – Seven Steps To Transformation
david crevass

A powerful keynote that takes you through the moment the rock impacted David’s head and his challenging self-rescue that followed, to his recovery and life-transformation.

There are many parallels between how David had to perform his own self-rescue in the desert, and the steps we must take to make changes

In this keynote, David shares the seven stages of transformation and how you can apply these to your own life or your business.

  1. Self- Assessment. Know where you are, and where you want to go.
  2. Identify your resources.
  3. Make a decision and take your first steps.
  4. Move forward with courage and determination.
  5. Work through mental and emotional blocks and entanglements.
  6. Focus on your outcome, regardless of apparent obstacles.
  7. Celebrate your success in advance as if already there.

ACONCAGUA | Small Steps = Big Victories
aconcaguaA keynote which addresses Accountability and Transformation.

As a benefit for cancer research, David and his climbing team reached the 23,000 foot summit of Aconcagua, Argentina – the tallest peak in the western and southern hemispheres.

Reaching the summit of Aconcagua presented powerful parallels between mountaineering and how to work as a team and accomplish a goal.

  • The importance of planning: Hiking 26 miles to prepare for a 9,000 ascent to the 23,000 foot summit
  • The power of teamwork: How a mountain expedition demonstrates the effectiveness of working as a team.
  • Building upon small successes: Each step a victory – celebrate each step.
  • Strong teamwork overcomes limitations: Working through the obstacles of limiting thoughts, fears and beliefs.
  • What keeps the team together? Lessons from base camp and the traverse to the summit.
  • Summit – Reflections of a triumph

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