Strategic Coaching


David Strauss is a Results Coach and Life Strategist.

Through his Results Reset Strategy, David helps business professionals and entrepreneurs to navigate past unpleasant situations that waste time and energy, so that they can stay focused, and get greater results.
Pre-Qualify to work with David Strauss.

1. Are you an entrepreneur or business owner?

2. Is your productivity being stifled by people or situations that rob you of your energy and focus?

3. Have you reached a turning point in your life where change is no longer a should, but a must?

4. Are you committed to making changes and willing to be coachable?

5. Do you understand the value of leveraging other people’s experience to develop a winning strategy?

6. Are you willing to hold yourself accountable to someone who helps you to design and implement your new game plan?

7. Do you have a high willingness to learn?

8. Are you adaptable and willing to accept change?

9. Will you commit to at least 4 hours per week to work on your own personal growth?

10. Are you willing to accept 100% responsibility for the direction of your life?

If you answered YES to these ten questions, then you are the ideal client for David Strauss.

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