From Readers of Footsteps After the Fall

“Inspiring and beautifully written. I love that you have pulled from many different realms of human experience ― spiritual, psychological, physiological to explain not only your experience but your theory on living rich and fulfilling lives as individuals and as caretakers of the earth and all of its creatures. Most of all, I think you open the door for all of your readers to begin to explore the idea that life is about joy and lightness rather than darkness and suffering. You give the permission that we are all longing for ― to pursue our dreams and lives marked by happiness and joy rather than the sacrifice and suffering our culture and its institutions have convinced us is normal and expected. he goings on in the world today are getting darker and heavier moment by moment. We are inundated with messages of fear and negativity.

Your book and teachings are so timely and so needed at this point in history. We desperately need courageous, articulate, wise teachers like you to encourage a new way of living and being in the world.”

~ Mindy Tomlinson – Telluride, Colorado

A must read for anyone wanting to make significant, lasting changes in their life. Through David’s vivid imagery, and emotionally engaging writing style, he has taken his near death experience and turned it into a refreshing, well written guide for better understanding the energetic principles that affect our lives. Embracing these principles and learning to live by them on a daily basis opens up a world of infinite possibilities for creating meaningful, lasting changes. Having read the book and different chapters multiple times, I have come to appreciate it as a valuable resource that will be with me forever.

~Micah James Page – Boulder, Colorado

“A deeply personal testament to the power of perseverance, the will to live and the quest for self discovery and purpose. David’s journey into higher awareness and universal truth is told with incredible love, insight and eloquence of spirit. It’s a delightful delving into our shared humanity and is a magical read from cover to cover.”

~ Robert Powell – Denver, Colorado

“David has written a book that that bares his soul. Footsteps After The Fall is unique and special, yet available to all on similar path. We all hunger and long for those moments when the Universe speaks from within and bursts forth with new and old Truth. A universal Truth simple yet so profound. We are One and Love is the glue.

I find in this story a common occurrence for those seeking enlightenment. For David, a rock on the head. For others a lifetime sitting in a cave meditating. For myself and others our unique path.

I encourage anyone drawn to David’s book to find their own story within the pages of Footsteps after the Fall. Many will realize their soul is opening out a way for this splendor to escape. To be made available to all who hunger for their own breakthrough of Spirit.

~ David Fitzpatrick – Tucson, Arizona

“After reading Footsteps After The Fall, I thought to myself… .”Get this book and information to the graduating Seniors at Telluride High School!” As they transition into fresh lives outside of our tiny valley, what a better send-off than having David’s meaningful words go with them. I was on a mission… and succeeded! At graduation, every senior got the book signed by David with a powerful message to each one of them.

Thank you, David, from my heart for making this happen!”

~ Lee Zeller – Telluride, Colorado

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