The Seeds of Your Thoughts


The seeds of your thoughts are nourished with your feelings and actions. The more consistent you are with the images and feelings you hold in your mind, the quicker these thoughts will show up in your reality. Whatever you nourish, grows.

People who consistently think about, talk about, and focus on their problems, on what they are afraid of, or do not want, are actually planting, watering and nourishing the “thought seeds” of what they do not want. As a result, their life is a garden littered with experiences, the weeds, of their “don’t wants.” People who are afraid of going financially broke, who focus on scarcity, create the experience of living in scarcity. People who are afraid of being rejected, or fear loss of love, live in rejection. People who focus on or are afraid of illness, injury or disease, become ill or diseased. But, people who focus on happiness, health and abundance, live happy, healthy, and abundant lives.

In the same way that a gardener must continually pull the weeds from their garden, we too must pull the weeds of negative thoughts and beliefs from our mind. It takes continuous self-awareness and self-discipline to weed the negative thoughts from our mind and to harvest and cultivate positive thoughts and beliefs.

Our reality is truly up to us. We have unlimited power and potential to live, love and create through the use of our thoughts, feelings and imagination. Our ability to think combined with our ability to use our imagination to create original thought is our most basic asset which, when properly utilized, can transform lives. Conversely, our misuse of our ability to think and create puts us on the path of becoming an Energy Vampire.

Just as a flower does not plant itself, our experiences do not come with an embedded meaning. As our life unfolds, we decide the meaning of our experiences based on our self-image and beliefs, and then we cultivate those thoughts and they become our reality. The people we surround ourselves with also cultivate our self-image and beliefs. If you want to know what your life is going to be like in five years, take a close look at the thought seeds that you are sowing and the people around you. The harvest you reap is evident in your life experiences.

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