Value of life


Through my own brush with death, I have learned the value of life. I live and love with deep, untethered playfulness, passion and gratitude. My passion extends into everything I do. From my writing, to my career, hobbies, friendships, and relationships.

Life has taught me that when we go out of our way to express gratitude, to make other people feel loved, appreciated and significant, then the universe will reflect goodness back into our own life.

There is magic in celebrating victories. Whether the victory is a dream come true, a goal realized, an obstacle overcome, or the victory of reaching another year in life and celebrating a person’s birthday – all accomplishments deserve celebration.

Time has shown me the value of taking risks. The risk to be teachable and to learn and grow. The risk to love and be loved, and the risk to make this world a better place for all of us.

Through my own struggles, I have learned the power of love – on an emotional level, spiritual level, and intimate level. It is our nature to embrace and connect with others.

Life is like a Playdough Fun Factory. We start out as a blob, and have the potential to become a star. We are in charge of our own fun-factory. We either allow circumstances to shape our destiny, or we choose the direction for our life.

Everyone has unlimited potential which is throttled by our limiting beliefs and the challenges of our past, and that any difficulty or obstacle can be transformed into our greatest and most powerful assets.

Experience is the greatest teacher. If we haven’t made any mistakes, then we haven’t grasped the full opportunity to learn, grow and reach our potential.

Through overcoming my own challenges, I have learned the importance of being a positive influence in people’s lives, and to empower others by focusing on their strengths.

We are all connected. What we do to ONE, including to ourselves and the planet, we do to ALL.

Now, when I look into someone’s eyes, I see the universal spirit that unites all of us.

I love Giggling, Learning, Growing and Expanding my Awareness about Life.

I love being challenged physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

I appreciate inner and outer beauty, I enjoy youthful energy, and I respect wisdom. I accept people for who they are, and gladly reach out to those who are genuinely looking for assistance.

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