Vibration and your Brain


Vibration and the brain: On the level of thought, we are connected to this matrix of energy and vibration through our brain and our heart. Our brain is a highly sophisticated and extraordinarily powerful instrument that transforms electrical energy from one frequency of vibration to another. The information that we receive into our brain through our five senses is interpreted based on our subconscious beliefs, which shape our perception, choices, emotions and actions.

At the turn of the century, both Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison observed and proved that our brain is also a highly sophisticated and extraordinarily powerful broadcasting and receiving station designed to create and exchange different frequencies of vibration in the form of thoughts. In the same way that a smart phone can send and receive voice phone calls, text messages, photos, and even surf the internet through the air, our brain also broadcasts and receives thoughts through the air that are of the same frequency as our own thoughts.

This does not mean that we hear voices. It simply means that the brain is designed to send and receive thoughts that have a matching frequency of vibration. The brain is also a filter. There are billions of thoughts going through the air all of the time. Since every thought has its own unique frequency of vibration, your brain filters out thoughts that are not in harmony with your own thoughts or beliefs. This filter prevents you from sensory overload and keeps your life experience in harmony with your beliefs. You literally can only see what you believe. This means that in order to change what you see you must change what you believe.

The Law of Vibration has similar qualities to the Law of Attraction, but they are not the same. The Law of Vibration is actually the essence of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply states that like vibrations are attracted to each other. This law and principle operates on all levels of life, including the level of thought.

Think of the mind as an energetic loudspeaker that gives commands to the universe in the form of thoughts. These thoughts are powerful, magnetic homing beacons. When you think a thought, your brain emits magnetic particles that have the potential to attract into your life the people, circumstances and events that are in harmony with the vibration of your thoughts.

We attract people and circumstances into our life that are of the same vibration and frequency as our own. This means that if someone is in a bad place in their life, the bad vibe that they are putting out can potentially push people away, and only make their problems worse. No one likes being around negative, angry people. Similarly, this is why we are drawn to people who are happy, kind and loving and also why giggles and laughter are contagious.

Everything that you experience is a reflection of your vibrations. Your emotions are amplifiers that tell you what you are thinking. Your emotions supercharge your thoughts, and increase the amplitude of their vibration. The higher the amplitude of vibration, the more powerful the force of attraction will be.

When you think negative thoughts, you will feel negative emotions, and will put yourself into a negative vibration, which will cause you to attract negative people and situations into your life. Likewise, when you think positive, uplifting thoughts, you will feel positive, uplifting emotions, and will put yourself into a positive vibration, which will cause you to attract positive, uplifting people and situations into your life.

Positive thoughts and emotions have a high frequency of vibration. Negative thoughts and emotions have a low frequency of vibration.

The list below is an example of the energy level of some of the most common emotions. The data for this list was developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins and is found in his book, Power VS Force, which I highly recommend you add to your reading list.

Lower Mind-Vibration Emotions
Higher Heart-Vibration Emotions
Enlightenment700 – 1000
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