Vibration and your Heart


Vibration and the Heart: Up until recently it was commonly believed that our emotions are entirely a product of the thoughts in our brain. But now there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the heart is an intelligent organ, which has its own consciousness and “brain” and plays a much more significant role in the shaping of our emotions and our reality.

The heart is far more than the simple pump it was once believed to be. It is now recognized as a sensory organ that also receives and processes information and has its own nervous system which enables it to learn, remember, and make decisions independently of the brain. Recent research also demonstrates that the heart is in regular communication with the brain, and sends signals to the brain which influence our emotions, cognition, perception, choices, and actions.

Similarly to our brain, our heart has an electromagnetic field that communicates information throughout the body. This field changes in amplitude of vibration based on our current emotional state.

The hearts electromagnetic field has proven to be far more powerful than that of the brain. The electrical component of the heart is approximately 60 times more powerful than the brain and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than the brain. The electrical component of the heart permeates and penetrates every cell in the body. The magnetic component can be detected several feet away.

We generate an electro-magnetic field of attraction or repulsion with our thoughts through the release, from our endocrine system, of hormones and chemicals known as peptides. We generate electro-magnetic charges with our thoughts that either attract to us or repel from us our experiences. Our thoughts travel through positive/negative receptors in every cell of our body and fire sequences in the neuro-net passages of our brain. These micro-electrical charges formed by our thinking are real. They influence our reality by magnetically attracting experiences of like kind to us in either a positive or negative manner, or by repelling experiences from us. Our unconscious thoughts that operate below our conscious awareness hold great power over our lives as they are firing the peptide messengers that unconsciously drive our choices.

Asara Lovejoy / Excerpt from The One Command

The combination of the thoughts in your mind and feelings in your heart is so powerful that the thoughts that you think about most consistently and supercharge with emotions are the ones that tend to show up as your reality. This does not mean that material objects will appear out of thin air. It simply means that your predominant, consistent thoughts and feelings are the most powerful force in your life. It also means that you will continue to experience your same fears and insecurities as long as you continue to give them the same emotional attention. Similarly, you will continue to thrive and feel confident as long as you give emotional charge to your positive thoughts. The universe actually bends and shapes itself to align with your habitually empowered thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

We lie in the lap of immense intelligence, which makes us organs of its activity and receivers of its truth. The experiences of our life are a precise mirror of the music that is coming from the strings of our words, thoughts and actions. Our instrument is our heart and mind.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The brain-heart connection makes it clear that our reality is up to us. We are creative, thinking, feeling creatures with unlimited potential to shape the experiences of our life. We have the ability to create with our brain and heart any frequency of attraction that we want. Energies of like vibration attract each other. The more heart we put behind our thoughts, the more likely they are to become our reality.

The growing awareness of the significant role our heart plays in our life demonstrates the urgency of how important it is to pay attention to how you feel. When you fully embrace and utilize the explosive power of the heart, combined with the creative power of the brain, you become an unstoppable force in your own life.

The moment you understand that your brain and heart are continuously pulsating—transmitting and receiving thoughts and vibrations—and understand that those thoughts and vibrations shape your life experience is the pivotal moment when you can stop all blame and any thoughts of being a victim and take total responsibility for everything in your life.

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